Bitcoin is „too important to be ignored“.

Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin is „too important to be ignored“.

Deutsche Bank economists conclude that Bitcoin’s price „can continue to rise“.

A market capitalisation of 1 trillion. US dollars and the potential for further growth make Bitcoin (BTC) „too important to be ignored“, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Research, the economic research department of Deutsche Bank, has published a new study in English in which it takes a thorough Bitcoin Loophole look at the market-leading cryptocurrency. The report, entitled „The Future of Payments: Series 2 Part III. Bitcoins: Can the Tinkerbell Effect Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?“ literally asks whether Bitcoin will become a „self-fulfilling prophecy“.

In the 18-page report, Deutsche Bank Research first looks at the basic characteristics of Bitcoin before analysing the driving forces behind its rise to 1 trillion US dollars. US dollars are analysed.

The Deutsche Bank economists conclude that the price of the cryptocurrency „can continue to rise“ as long as asset managers and companies continue to invest. Accordingly, the researchers point out that central banks and governments now „understand that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay“.

Accordingly, serious regulation of the industry would be inevitable

However, the analysts see the marketability and liquidity of the crypto market leader as „still limited“. This would in turn raise the question of whether the rising price development is sufficient for Bitcoin to become a legitimate asset class or whether the lack of liquidity is too great an obstacle.

In conclusion, the financial experts therefore assume that Bitcoin „will continue to be very volatile, at least in the short term“. In „two to three years“ they then see the cryptocurrency at a crossroads where a final consensus will emerge that will determine the further future of the alternative investment product.